THESE are the photos which angered murder suspect Elliot Turner.

The pictures show his girlfriend Emily Longley, 17, posing with semi-naked waiters in Poole.

They were posted on the internet on the website of Cheeky Buff Butlers.

In them, Emily is seen apparently patting the behind of one butler, who is wearing nothing but an apron, as he does the ironing.

The photo shoot was staged as part of Sandbanks Ladies’ Day.

Yesterday, the jury in the murder trial of Elliot Turner were shown the photographs.

The images were a cause of embarrassment and anger to the defendant, the prosecution alleges.

Turner, who denies murdering Emily, saw the photographs – taken to help the aspiring model's fledgling career – in the weeks before her death, while Emily was with family in New Zealand.

Asked if those images of his 17-year-old girlfriend angered him, Turner said: “Yes, I was upset by the shots.”

Earlier in the day’s proceedings at Winchester Crown Court, Timothy Mousley QC, prosecuting, asked: “What words of sadness have you ever expressed of Emily’s death?”

Turner, aged 20, replied: “Obviously, I am very sad, but I cannot break down here.

“I have to answer your questions.”

The defendant also admitted, under cross examination yesterday, that Emily did not always believe he was joking when he repeatedly threatened to kill her.

Mr Mousley, who painted a picture of an aggressive, possessive, jealous and obsessive defendant, said: “Did she think you were serious when you told her so many times that you wanted to kill her?”

Turner, who remained calm throughout his cross-examination, said: “Maybe she didn’t know I was joking.”

Earlier, the court heard how Turner had threatened to kill Emily 15 times, the last occasion being just one day before she was found dead in his bed.

However, the defendant maintains he never meant any threat to kill to be taken seriously.