ELLIOT Turner yesterday read out the contents of a letter he had written to his mother after he had the physical argument with Emily.

He said: “Dear Mum, “I cannot believe how I have acted tonight.

“I can’t believe the way I acted in Cafe Shore in front of all her friends and my friends. I embarrassed her and embarrassed myself.

“Mum I am ashamed that I wore my heart on my sleeve tonight.

“I let my emotions get the better of me.

“I am not going to lie, I will tell you the truth. Me and Emily had a physical argument tonight.

“I grabbed her by the neck and threw Emily on the bed.

“That is something I have never done before, something that I have never done before to anyone.

“Please forgive me. Emily’s either in the room crying or she’s gone home.

“Emily will never want to speak to me again.

“There is no point me being here anymore. I might as well **** off to Spain.

“Please forgive me.

“Love Elliot.”