ELLIOT Turner has told a court this morning about an argument he had with girlfriend Emily Longley the night she died.

Giving evidence for a second day, 20-year-old Turner said he spoke to Emily about their relationship and challenged her about why she'd told friends she was single and her involvement with two boys.

Turner said: “Basically the conversation took a dive.”

He said it was a “typical argument” and the pair were both swearing at each other in his bedroom in Queenswood Avenue in the early hours of May 7, 2011.

Turner told Winchester Crown Court he had earlier looked through Emily's phone that night and seen messages which made him feel “upset and deceived”.

The prosecution claim Turner strangled Emily in his bedroom at the Turner family home in Queenswood Avenue in Queens Park in Bournemouth on May 7 last year.

Turner is also accused, together with his parents Leigh Turner, 54, and Anita Turner, 51, of perverting the course of justice. All three deny the charges. The trial continues.