EMILY Longley’s boyfriend has appeared in the witness box this morning to give evidence in his trial.

Wearing a smart blue suit, white shirt and tie Elliot Turner spoke about the night he met Emily and his relationship with the 17-year-old aspiring model.

The 20-year-old said he “instantly clicked” with Emily during a double date and that they shared similar interests.

Turner denied holding Emily against a wall by the throat and becoming obsessive while she was on girly nights.

He was asked about a letter Emily wrote during their Isle of Man trip in March last year in which she asked him not to say he would kill her. Turner told the court: “I admit that I said I would kill her. I didn’t literally mean that.”

Turner admitted in court to being verbally aggressive towards Emily and to punching the wardrobe at the hotel on the Isle of Man following an argument.

Turner is accused of murdering Emily on May 7 last year.

He is also accused, together with his parents Leigh Turner, 54, and Anita Turner, 51, of perverting the course of justice.

All three deny the charges. The trial continues.

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