AN emergency call operator was told Emily Longley was not breathing and her necklace was “very, very tight,” a murder trial heard yesterday.

The 999 conversation between the operator and Elliot Turner’s mother Anita was played at Winchester Crown Court.

Brockenhurst College pupil Emily, 17, was found in Elliot Turner’s bed at his family home in Queenswood Avenue, Bournemouth on May 7 last year.

The call was made at 9.45am and Ambulance Technician Stephen Stratton said he was informed a young female was “going blue” and later that she had suffered a “cardiac arrest”.

He said on arrival they found Emily in bed, pale and cold with signs of rigor mortis.

There were also signs of blood pooling in Emily’s back and legs, which indicated she had been dead “for a while”, the hearing was told.

Mr Stratton said Elliot Turner told him that when Emily went to sleep she was fine and he woke to find her like that.

They spoke again in more detail and Turner said they had argued and she had “physically assaulted him”, the court heard.

Mr Stratton referred to his statement which said: “Elliot said that she was kicking and punching and at one point she had her arms around his throat.”

He said Turner told him: “I should have left her after this argument, she wouldn’t have been dead if I had.”

Turner’s defence suggested he did not make that comment.

Ambulance Technician Joanne Moss told the jury she did not remember seeing a necklace.

She said: “After I checked for vital signs I was 100 per cent sure there was nothing I could do.

“Elliot was very upset. He left the room. He was crying and quite distraught.”

She said Anita Turner was: “Shaking Emily’s leg and asking me to do resuscitation because she won’t wake up.”

Elliot Turner, 20, denies murder.

He is also accused, with his parents Leigh Turner, 54, and Anita Turner, 51, of perverting the course of justice, which all three deny.

The trial continues.