A POOLE woman says she has lost around 80 TV channels in a digital retune.

Hilary Shaw from Constitution Hill Road in Parkstone still has BBC and ITV but lost favourites like Dave, Film4 and Yesterday.

The 54-year-old has retuned her TV half a dozen times since the signal from the Isle of Wight was retuned last Tuesday.

“I had no problems before that and I have followed all their advice,” said Hilary, a semi-retired HR manager.

“My point is, I had all the channels beforehand and I haven’t changed anything, they have.”

A spokesman for Digital UK said she lived in an area with variable reception and she was “not predicted” to get good Freeview coverage.

They said: “In such cases, a local aerial in

staller may be able to advise her on improving reception. “Anyone who would like more channels than are available via an aerial may also wish to consider alternative options for digital TV, such as satellite.’