CONCERNED parents are fighting plans to increase pupil numbers at Bourne-mouth’s second biggest primary school – a move that will mean the loss of the school library.

The controversial plan to accommodate a further 30 pupils in the library of Hill View School in Redhill has sparked strong objections from school governors and from parents.

But Bournemouth Council is pressing ahead with the plan, insisting they need more primary school places to cope with a rising birth rate. The increase is due to be approved on Wednesday.

Hill View, which has 630 pupils on roll, currently admits 90 reception children every year but this one-off increase will see it accept 120 children in September 2013.

Parents say the extra intake will leave the school over-crowded and have questioned why smaller schools are not being asked to expand.

Liz Cowley, who has a daughter in reception, said: “The library is an essential facility. Just this week we have heard that reading standards are declining and yet they are talking about closing the school library.”

Shelley Ellement, who has one son in reception and another due to start in 2013, said: “My son will be in the year group that they’re talking of putting in the library, I don’t want him stuck in a makeshift classroom for seven years.”

And Jo Cameron, who has two sons at the school, said: “There will be an overcrowding problem if this goes ahead, it is a very small site.”

Dawn Witt, chair of governors, said: “The governors of Hill View Primary School are opposed to the proposed increase to pupil intake in 2013 because Hill View is already a big school on a small site with no playing fields.

“It will have an adverse impact on the school at every level – financial, safety, community and educational.”

Cllr Nicola Greene, cabinet member for education and children’s services, said they had a legal duty to ensure there were enough school places for children and had reviewed all school provision across the borough.

“We will be working with the school on how best to accommodate the additional numbers,” she said.

“One proposal is to use the space currently occupied by the library as it is next to the existing reception classrooms but there are other options.

“There would be no loss of library provision as facilities would be accommodated in other parts of the school.”