A GROUP of angry Poole residents are demanding that “horrendous” traffic calming be removed from their street.

They say the speed humps do not keep traffic speeds down in narrow Sterte Road, the 20mph speed limit is widely ignored and there are fears the constant vibration will damage their homes.

When lorries travelling to industrial estates rattle and crash over the five sets of speed humps, installed in October 2010, homes vibrate and residents are now at their wits end.

Marion Allnutt, 67, who has lived in the street since 1984 and took a petition around her neighbours said: “Ornaments and photos vibrate off the shelves.”

Her neighbour Lorraine Bosley, 50, said: “It’s horrendous and it doesn’t slow down the traffic.”

Lyall Ross, 57, a resident for 15 years, who has a set of speed humps right outside his house said: “Nothing goes up the road at 20mph. It’s more like 35 to 40mph. The noise is dreadful. The whole house shakes, especially with the trucks.”

Some residents are calling for the speed humps to be dug up while others say a chicane would help.”

Sterte News proprietor Derek De Souza hosted a petition signed by 46 customers, submitted by Cllr Mark Howell to Borough of Poole’s transportation services, who said the council needed to investigate whether Sterte Avenue West could be opened up to relieve traffic on the busy road.

Council figures show before the scheme was installed the mean northbound speed was 30mph and 32 mph southbound outside number 33 and 23mph and 24mph after, with 16 per cent fewer vehicles after the introduction.

Steve Tite, traffic manager, Borough of Poole said Transportation Advisory Group members had asked for more detailed consultation before deciding what to do.

“The rubberised speed cushions were specifically chosen here in order to minimise the disturbance to properties locally and residents were made aware of this during the original consultation process,” he said.

“However we try and do what’s best for the community and have made alterations elsewhere including at Turlin Moor where we are in the process of modifying the speed humps to improve the ride for bus passengers.”