IT’S not uncommon to hear somebody say of elderly drivers: “They shouldn’t be on the road at their age.”

Some of us might even find ourselves expressing sympathy with those sentiments, as long as we’re not too close to the age in question.

But it’s worth giving the issue a second thought.

As we report today, Dorset has around 25,000 people still on the road above the age of 80, although that doesn’t mean they’re all criss-crossing the country via the motoway network.

Old age can bring various health problems which can impair driving skills. But a society where public transport isn’t an option for a lot of people should hesitate to judge people for wanting to hold onto their cars.

And take a look at the statistics. Young men are much more likely than the elderly to be involved in a serious road accident. And you don’t hear too many people saying of them: “They shouldn’t be on the road at their age.”