Fiona Locke, head of Year 6: “I have three children of my own who’ve been to various schools in Poole and Dorset.

“This school for me stands out. If I weren’t a teacher here, it would be the school my children would be at.”

Lee Rockingham, a teacher from Year 5: “We’ve got a good learning environment here for the children.

“We try to set up the lessons so they are exciting for them, so that the children want to learn in class.”

Pastoral care worker Rachel Baker: “I think it’s a very welcoming school.

“There is an open door policy if parents want to come and talk. I’m on the school gates most mornings.”

Year 7 pupil Adrian Stawnicki, 11: “There are lots of activities and fun things to do. If you’re learning well, they give you a reward. If there’s something bad going on, teachers see that it doesn’t happen again.”

YEAR 7 pupil Georgia Eaton, 11: “When we’re doing lessons, it can be a lot of fun.

“When we are learning in school, it is not just really serious.

“It can be serious, but we also have fun.”

SANDY Stokes, mum of a nine-year-old pupil with autism: “I am more than just happy with the teachers and the staff. But there have been a couple of incidents with inconsiderate drivers parking on zig zags outside.”