ANNE Wines, a dog walker from Highcliffe said: “I do think it would be good to have something like this but in another location in Highcliffe.

“You would have thought the council could have sorted out the land ownership issues before they started.”

JOHN Wines, also from Highcliffe said: “There is a need for something like this but perhaps the council should look somewhere else. So many different people use Chewton Bunny for lots of different things.

“The council should have ironed out ownership issues at the start.”

STEVE Germain, 33, from Southbourne said: “It seems like a good idea.

“There should be more facilities for the youngsters to use.

“This is an area known for its older population but there will be younger people here looking for something to do.”

KATHY Rundle from Highcliffe said: “There really is nothing for younger people to do. If there isn’t going to be anything here then something should be done.

“It is needed. Maybe put something up nearer the schools so it is more convenient.”