A Mudeford schoolboy has scooped a top award for his unstinting friendship with his best mate.

Finnley Richman, 11, was nominated for the honour for his unwavering support to his best friend Joshua Jacobs, who suffers from haemophilia.

At an awards ceremony in London on Monday, Finnley found out he had won the prize, presented to him by children’s presenters Dick and Dom.

The awards were organised by the UK Haemophilia Society and also Novo Nordisk Limited, a haemophilia care company.

The youngsters met three years ago when Finnley joined Mudeford Junior School.

Finnley said: “When I found out Joshua had haemophilia, I didn’t know what it was, but during the years I have known him, I have learnt a lot about it.

“I have learnt about how when he bleeds, he bleeds on the inside and when he gets hurt, he hurts more than anyone else, apart from other haemophiliacs.”

Chris James from the Society said: “It was a very happy day for all who took part.

“The youngsters had a great time, and just as importantly, it gave their families and their carers the opportunity to get to know each other and swap some experiences and information.

“It can feel very lonely when you’re coping with conditions like these in isolation, and the awards programme is helping to connect people, as well as raising public awareness of the difficulties these patients face.”

Symptoms of haemophilia can range from easy bruising to prolonged bleeding.

Bleeds can occur spontaneously or as a result of injury, and for some people with severe symptoms, internal bleeds into the joints can cause disability.

Visit the website haemophilia.org.uk for more information.