A SINGER-songwriter from Bournemouth landed an unusual gig – serenading a family of otters.

Krista Green was invited to play for animals at Weymouth Sea Life Park.

The otter cubs, just four-and-a-half months old, came out to investigate as Krista, 26, took up her guitar.

Sarah Moseley, an aquarist at the park, said: “Studies have shown that music can help to soothe and calm animals, and I think otters will particularly benefit because they’re shy.”

She added: “The cubs’ mum and dad were very interested in the music, and the cubs came out too because they learn by copying their parents.”

Krista said: “I chose some relaxed and chilled songs to play for them, and they did come out to see what was going on, although that may have been because it was feeding time.

“It’s a bit different to the crowds I usually play for and they were very sweet.”