Record beaters Mike Deacon and son Dave have gained another world and national title with the fastest time from Poole to Cherbourg.

The pair completed the 149 mile trip in 67 minutes 23 seconds in their Scorpion RIB, Hot Lemon.

Powered by two Yanmar 315hp diesel engines, consuming around 900 litres of fuel over journey, they also received 10 gallons of fuel additive Soltron from WP group managing director David Fairchild.

They had calm seas for 15 miles and were then faced with swells of up to two metres for 20 miles of their cross Channel challenge.

“Due to the sea conditions we would normally have slowed down to reduce the risk of any damage, but we found that Hot Lemon was performing just as well in the rougher conditions,” said Mike.

They smashed their 75 minute goal by six minutes. “She ran smoother and obviously a lot quicker than she would have run on normal fuel without additive,” said Mike.