DRUITT Hall campaigners, refusing to give up on their beloved building, are organising a walk to the Civic Offices to present their petition.

The Friends of Druitt Hall will be handing in their petition with around 1,000 signatures to councillors at the full council meeting on Tuesday evening.

Despite the resources committee at Christchurch council unanimously approving plans to close the hall, which will also be demolished, on March 31 next year, campaigners are still hoping for a different decision.

David O’Sullivan, chairman of the Friends, said: “This is in no way confrontational.

“We just want to show the strength of feeling and if people want to join us in walking to the council offices then they are most welcome.

“We still think there are ways this can be done without closing and demolishing the building,” he added.

“We have had tremendous support from people.

“I was out on Monday with the petition and people are just so disillusioned with the council and the way they do things.

“All we want to do is work with them to devise a solution that benefits everyone.

“We hope that when I give this petition to them, the councillors will listen to my address which supports it.

“We’ve also got a number of questions to put to them.”

The management of the hall transferred back into the hands of the borough council on December 31 last year.

Planning permission does exist for a new facility on the site although the original plans from the Christchurch Community Partnership are being scaled down to reflect the current financial situation.

Anyone wanting to take part is asked to meet at Druitt Hall at 5pm on Tuesday. The council meeting starts at 6pm.