TWO brothers will be running eight marathons between them in as many weeks in aid of a mental health charity.

Adam Eason, 38, from Bournemouth and his brother, Ben, 35, will together cover Brighton, London and Milton Keynes marathons, and then Adam will then go on to take part in a world record attempt, followed by Edinburgh marathon.

All of these marathons will be completed in succession, kicking off on April 15 in Brighton, with the men running the distance for the charity, Mind.

The world record attempt that Adam is taking part in is for the longest-ever marathon, which involves runners carrying out a relay to cover as a large a distance as possible, which will see him run the Poole to Dorchester section.

He said: “I’m a hypnotherapist and I also run a website to do with hypnotherapy and how it can help athletes.

He added: “I’ve been running marathons for a few years now and I ran four last year.

“We are running for Mind, as it sits in well with my work and I want some motivation to do it.

“The thing is, we are not planning to lumber around but to put in some good times for each race.

“However, we are going to take some mini bottles of Moet champagne with us, ready for when we cross the finishing lines.

“Most of the time, when I’ve done a marathon, I’ve done so with my brother and I believe that doing a marathon is as much as psychological test as it is a physiological thing.

“We have a cheesy strapline for our run, which is ‘3, 2, 1, the Eason Challenge’, which stands for ‘Three marathons, two brothers and one goal’.

“We’ve had that printed on wristbands, which we are selling to friends and family and on our running vests, which our friends have ripped us about.

“It’s going to be really exciting and it’s something different.”

For more information and to help the brothers in the challenge, go to: /adameason