AT WHAT age should you talk about a sensitive subject to a child? At eight, 10 ,15 or 17?

It does depend on what the subject is and how it is handled. It also depends on the maturity of the child.

For instance, arguments for and against sex education in schools – what is taught and at what age – have raged over the years. And we will never have full agreement on that issue.

But now mum-of-two Jennene Garnett is upset over Poole High School discussing the subject of suicide as part of their religious studies course.

And she has vowed to take her 15-year-old daughter out of those classes. That is a sensible option that is offered by the school.

We have great sympathy for Jennene who knows of four people who have taken their lives.

But we also understand that it is a topic – no matter how painful – that does need airing in a sensitive way.