A MAN said he was hit with parking fine despite both council meters being out of order.

Rauf Rawson parked up at the Warren Edge on Southbourne Overcliff and found both covered up.

He could only pay using the RinGo service but he did not have a mobile phone.

He spent an hour walking on the seafront with his wife Liz, enjoying a coffee at the Bistro on the Beach – but returned to find a £25 penalty notice slapped on his car.

Even when the Daily Echo returned 10 days later, the meters were out of order.

Rauf, 51, a project manager from Throop in Bournemouth, paid the fine to stop it rising to £50.

He said the Bournemouth council told him “an investigation” showed the meters were still in order.

“I was not trying to avoid paying the fee – I have already offered to pay the 60p,” said Mr Rawson.

“My objection is being discriminated against because I did not have a mobile phone and being forced to pay £25 because of the council’s failure to have working machines.

“I wonder how many other motorists have been caught out in the same way? Was this investigation just a desk top exercise?”

Throop councillor Ron Whittaker has been helping Mr Rawson and said: “My residents, including myself, don’t use the Ringo service. I find it appalling the council is saying an investigation found the machines were out of order.”

The RinGo service lets people pay parking charges by phone or text, or online via mobile phone applications.

Elaine Smith, the council’s office manager for parking services, said: “We are currently investigating this matter.

“As with any penalty charge notice appeal we would advise that the person gives formal representation with details of their mitigating circumstances and any supporting evidence and we will fully consider their appeal before making any decision.”