AFC Bournemouth boss Eddie Mitchell will not be rebranding radio station The Bay as Play Radio, the club has announced.

The club had put out a statement saying its chairman had bought the community radio station and that it would be relaunched with a new identity on February 14.

But the club has since said in a new statement: “The Bay 102.8FM will not be rebranded as Play Radio as stated in the press release.

“The Poole and Bournemouth public will continue to enjoy the programming provided by The Bay 102.8FM and both the club and station remain committed to following Ofcom’s regulations.”

The club had announced work was underway on building two radio studios in the main stand of the club’s Seward Stadium.

It hailed the announcement as “expanding official Cherries media output over yet another medium”.

But the Daily Echo revealed industry regulator Ofcom would be investigating the takeover.

The Bay currently lists its target community as “the people of Poole”, up to 5km (3.1 miles) from its transmitter at Old Wareham Road.

As a community radio station, it is signed up to a list of “social gain” objectives and can only raise 50 per cent of its funding from commercial activities.