PEOPLE demanding a crossing on a Bournemouth road where pedestrians “take their lives in their hands” will take their case to the full council.

They want action at Turbary Park Avenue, which runs for 0.98 miles through a built up area with no pedestrian crossing.

Ray Wills, chairman of the ACT residents group, said: “I have been on the estate since 1975 and it’s just got worse.

“We are talking about people’s safety – like mothers with push chairs.”

ACT met on Tuesday night and proposed pelican crossings outside the Turbary Park Centre and opposite Mandale Road.

Gordon Pitman, who presented the proposals, said: “It’s very dangerous – I know for a fact there are several people who have nearly been hit.”

The meeting heard each crossing would cost around £60,000.

Ward councillor Nicola Greene suggested the group presented its proposals as a deputation, where people can give a five-minute speech at a meeting of the full council.

ACT said there had been seven major accidents in the last 10 years and 10 minor ones.

Mr Willis said there were particular problems when people got off buses, with mothers using the nursery on the Elliot Road industrial estate and with visitors to Age Concern in the Turbary Park Centre.

John Satchwell, Bournemouth council’s road safety manager, previously told the Echo: “Our accident record shows no incidents along this road during the last five years involving the injury of pedestrians.

“We regularly receive requests asking for road crossing measures.

“We will consider all requests but must prioritise them along with other planned works, assessing them on location, level of need and accident history.”