PLANS to spend £120,000 installing traffic calming measures that many residents don’t want are to be reviewed.

The decision to make the area around St Luke’s School in Winton, Bournemouth a 20mph zone, complete with traffic calming measures, has been attacked by residents and local councillors.

They claim that not all residents were made aware of the plans or were properly consulted.

They also claim that the existing traffic calming scheme in the area is not working and needs to be reviewed.

Now the local ward councillors have succeeded in forcing a review of the decision, which will be carried out by a council scrutiny panel on Monday.

Transport portfolio holder Cllr Michael Filer has said he wants to try and reach a solution that will please most people but he warned: “The last thing I want is for someone to point a finger at me in the future and say that I neglected their child’s safety.”

He said the council had a policy of trying to make routes to school as safe as possible and the area around St Luke’s was the third to benefit from traffic calming.

“We are determined that we will not go totally against residents’ views but this is one of those situations where you are not going to get 100 per cent agreement from all parties,” he said.

“Whatever the situation is, there are going to be some people who are unhappy.

“But the scrutiny meeting on Monday will hear the different options and they can select what they consider best.”