POLICE are investigating a report that a hit and run driver fled after a car crashed into a baby’s buggy in Bournemouth.

Mum Shenagh Coombes was shocked when the woman drove allegedly off after the accident in St Stephen’s Road.

Ten-month-old daughter Kensiee escaped unharmed but the family’s brand new buggy was damaged and is now unusable.

Now officers are investigating the incident, which happened on Monday November 14.

Shenagh, 18, of Norwich Avenue, said: “A woman with blonde hair was driving a red car when she just pulled out of a car park, straight into the buggy.

“We were on the pavement and she slowed down a bit before driving off. It would have been obvious to her that she had hit the buggy because she nearly took it with her.

“I couldn’t believe that anyone would just drive off after that. Luckily Kensiee wasn’t hurt but she didn’t know that. The buggy can’t be used any more.”

Shenagh, Kensiee and Shenagh’s partner, 19-year-old Arran Williams, were walking towards Richmond Hill when the collision occurred at about 4pm.