TRUSTEES at Bournemouth Aviation Museum say it may be in serious danger of closing unless they can successfully appeal a planning decision that rejected the permanent siting of their static display at Adventure Wonderland.

Due to difficulties in finding the money to pay for a new application for another three-year temporary permission, the museum say their only real option is to hope a planning inspector disagrees with the council’s decision.

The trustees who manage the Hurn display were disappointed by the rej- ection of their request to permanently put their static aviation display at the green belt site, along with five portable buildings and two toilets.

Planning officers felt the proposal constituted “inappropriate development” within the Green Belt, which would harm its “landscape character and amenity quality”.

They also felt the junction of Parley Lane and Merritown Lane was unsuitable to cater for the additional traffic generated by the proposal.

However, chairman of the trustees, David Marsh said: “We could be in serious danger of closing if we can’t win this on appeal.

“We are grateful for the support we have received and this at least doing this will give us time to get more.

“We will have to look at the costs of an appeal but at present this seems like the best option.”

He added: “We are trying to find another site but obviously this also involves significant costs, something we just can’t afford. We’ve already taken steps to reduce our costs and are doing everything we can to reduce our outgoings.”

Supporters of the museum at queried the council decision to refuse the scheme.

Penhale said: “As if this small static display is going to cause traffic congestion, what nonsense. Green belt land? What nonsense.

“It has been there for three years without any detriment to traffic, you can hardly see it from the road so no views are lost like in Bournemouth with the Imax.”

Radical added: “Most other councils across the country are moving heaven and earth to attract more and more visitor attractions to their area, but not in Dorset it seems.

“I don’t see any detriment, green belt or traffic wise considering there's a major airport on the other side of the road and a theme park right next door, plus it has been there for three years.”