THE creators of the £3.2m Boscombe Surf Reef have agreed to come back next year to finish what they started.

Poor weather has hampered contractor ASR’s attempts to repair and improve the underwater reef, and the team will soon pack up before winter sets in.

Last week, the future of the project looked in doubt, but Bournemouth councillors confirmed at the weekend that the firm is to return in 2012.

It is currently carrying out work to make the reef secure over winter and hopefully repair the damaged bags.

None could comment on whether the £150,000 sum promised to ASR upon completion of the work had already been paid.

Councillor Lynda Price hailed the decision as “good news”.

“They need to finish it,” Cllr Price said.

“People cannot think they can start something, not get it right and leave it and just walk away.

“Otherwise, what is the point of contracts?”

The surf reef saga has been disappointing for all involved, she said.

“I’m slightly irritated that it’s gone on as long as it has, but one has to be realistic,” Cllr Price said.

“In this contract we want the job finished to the satisfaction of the residents of Bournemouth. ASR must be held accountable.”

ASR returned in August to repair damaged sandbags and alter the reef to produce better conditions for surfers.

The council was expected to announce what would happen next on Friday, but talks with ASR ran on and so details will be released today.

Councillor Anne Rey, leader of the independents, said she would demand a breakdown of costs at a full council meeting on Tuesday.

Cllr Rey said: “It’s about time the residents had a breakdown of all the costs: how much we have paid to ASR.”

She added: “I think we should pack up and finish with the whole thing. You speak to people in the town and they just laugh about the reef.

“It’s a total mess and joke. We should pack up. It has just been horrendous.”