ANOTHER speed camera has been tampered with in Bournemouth – but this time the culprits were a little less destructive.

It comes in the same week as vandals set fire to the camera near the County Gates roundabout, putting it out of use.

Dorset Road Safe, which operates speed cameras, said such acts were putting lives at risk.

Now, a camera in Wimborne Road, near Cemetery Junction, has been targeted – although in a somewhat less permanent way.

Pranksters placed a beer can and tree leaves over the camera’s flash and lens.

Dorset Road Safe confirmed that the camera had not been damaged.

Firefighters from Westbourne were called at 4.05am on Monday to the camera on the A338 Wessex Way close to the County Gates roundabout.

Police said a burning tyre had been placed around the camera and the incident was being treated as arson.

Dorset has seen a spate of similar incidents in recent years.

A debate was sparked on this website, with some condemning the vandals but others questioning the need for a camera in that spot.

The number of speed cameras in Dorset has been slashed this year, with just 15 fixed units left working.

Three red light/speed on green cameras have also been removed after councils cut funding for Dorset Road Safe and the number of mobile camera sites has reduced from 33 to 28.