A FOOD bank cannot afford to keep pace with a surge in demand from people in need.

Bournemouth Foodbank says demand is far outstripping donations and it is dipping into its resources to try to help.

It warns that some people could be temporarily turned away unless it can find more donations.

Debbie Bramley, who manages the food bank, said: “We’re spending £200 a week on food just to keep up with everything. We’re not getting as many donations as we need.

“We’ve been doing that for six or seven months and it’s depleting any resources we’ve got.

“There may be people we have to turn away for a short period of time. We’ve never had to do that. We can’t afford to sustain that level of provision.”

The food bank is part of a national charity, the Trussell Trust, but its funding is raised and spent locally.

It needs donations of food but also hopes to bring in more money from business and individual donations. It hopes more people will sign up to its 1,000 Club, whose members donate £2.50 a month by standing order.

“We need to get more people thinking about donating. We’re in talks with the supermarkets and trying to get them on board a bit more but it’s very hard,” said Debbie.

She said individuals and families were feeling the pinch, including people who found themselves out of work and self-employed people who found business had dropped off.

“A lot of people have racked up a huge amount of debt, especially students or young people who’ve been given store cards and credit cards,” she said.

Rising energy prices had left some people choosing between food and bills.

“Once you get into debt with your energy company it’s hard to get out of it. It doesn’t take long before you’re in dire straits,” she said.

• Food donations can be taken to Bournemouth Foodbank at Suite 5, Wessex House, St Leonards Road, Charminster, or taken to a number of Bournemouth churches.

The charity can sometimes collect. Phone 01202 900979 or send an email to foodbank@ bournemouthvineyard.com The food bank is holding open days on October 11, 12 and 13, from 11am to 2pm, and anyone interested in attending should get in touch first to confirm attendance.