FACED with the most difficult graduate job market in decades, two Cambridge students have come up with a weird and wacky solution.

Buy My Face is the brainchild of Ed Moyse from Poole and his friend Ross Harper, both 21, from London who have turned the other cheek on ordinary jobs.

Face to face, they will be setting out on October 1 for 366 days with advertising slogans painted on their faces.

“We are desperate,” said Ross. “We can’t get a job so this is what we are doing.”

They met on their first day at Selwyn College, Cambridge and after three years, where Ed graduated in economics and Ross in neuroscience, they have accumulated debts totalling around £50,000 – with no employment in prospect.

But with a black notebook full of ideas and after a few student bar sessions, they settled on face-painting for adults with a message.

And with 12 customers already booked they are hoping their faces fit the current economic climate. “Anyone can buy our faces. If it’s legal and it’s not offensive, we’ll do it,” said Ed.

Fees started at £1 for the first day and are gradually rising, £10 was the cheapest rate available when they spoke to the Daily Echo.

Every day bought will be displayed in photos on their website BuyMyFace.com and their antics can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.