MOVES to remember Red Arrow Jon Egging with a permanent memorial in Bournemouth will be under discussion on Wednesday.

The town’s mayor, senior councillors, officials and a representative from Bournemouth Red Arrows Association will be among those at a meeting to discuss the idea.

Flight Lieutenant Egging, 33, died on August 20 when his plane crashed at the end of a display at Bournemouth Air Festival.

His widow Emma has set up the Jon Egging Trust to help inspire young people to take control of their lives. She began fundraising herself by taking part in the Great North Run on Sunday.

Tomorrow’s meeting will formally consider whether a permanent memorial should be established and how to take the issue forward. Bournemouth council is consulting the RAF and Flt Lt Egging’s family.

Ideas already suggested on a Facebook tribute page have included a sculpture representing a Red Arrow or Jon Egging, tree planting, a plaque or an annual fundraising event.

Throop and Muscliff councillor Ron Whittaker is the opposition member on the panel considering the tribute.

He said feeling was especially strong in Throop, where Jon Egging’s plane came down.

It is thought Flt Lt Egging may have delayed ejecting from the aircraft in order to steer it away from housing.

“People just feel they need something in the area to remember him by so they can pay their tribute,” said Cllr Whittaker.

More than 6,000 people signed books of condolence at Bournemouth Town Hall following the crash. Many left flowers and messages around the decorated lion which was outside the building as part of the Pride in Bournemouth public art project.

Flt Lt Egging was laid to rest in a private service in his home village of Morcott, Rutland, on September 3.