ASR has not yet begun laying bags to fix the Boscombe Surf Reef, despite hoping to do the work during “the spring/summer”.

The firm, which was founded in New Zealand, has been back in Bournemouth carrying out diving on the reef and conducting surveys.

However the actual bag laying has still not started and there are concerns work will not be completed before the weather gets too bad to carry on.

Chris Jensen, ASR’s marketing director, said: “We did not start work during the beginning of the spring/summer because the council had to finalise payment. We also had to confirm what geotextile containers were needed so that they could be manufactured and rushed via air freight to Boscombe. We mobilised once payment terms were finalised.”

ASR started laying the reef in the summer of 2008 but it was left half-finished over the winter because the weather got too bad. The need for the company to go home and then remobilise and finish work the following year contributed towards the project’s cost overrun from £1.4million to £3million.

This autumn, the firm will replace a 70-metre long bag that has completely deflated after a reported boat strike.

It will also lay new bags to change the seaward face of the reef and hopefully get the wave performing as planned.

Cllr Ben Grower, a Boscombe resident and reef opponent, said he did think there would be enough time to do the work before the weather deteriorated. He said the council was now “so embarrassed” by the reef that officers felt they had no choice but to trust ASR would succeed.

Mr Jensen said: “As far as predicting the weather - that is not in anyone's control. We hope to have good weather and working conditions and complete the works as soon as possible.”

Mark Smith, head of tourism: said: “ASR’s team arrived back in Boscombe on August 12 to undertake repairs and refinement work on the reef following boat damage to two containers on the upper layer of the reef.

“Over the upcoming weeks, they will be replacing damaged containers and installing new ones. We are unable to specify a projected finish date as work is dependent on appropriate weather and tidal conditions.”

• A Bournemouth Council spokesman said today: “We have always said that refinement works would take place in Spring/ Summer (weather dependent).

“However, following the damage to the reef caused by the boat strike, which was only discovered in March, alternative plans were subsequently prioritised, with the focus on repairing and replacing the damaged and lost bag.

“These repair works along with some limited refinement of the reef started this month (15 August).

“ASR started their works earlier this month and since then they have carried out preparatory maintenance work required before laying the new containers. The new containers are being placed and anchored this week, weather dependent, and should be filled during the following week.”