A WATER company has been urged to solve the “terrible whiff” emanating from its sewage treatment plant.

Wessex Water has come under fire from Bournemouth councillors over its site by the entrance to the town on the A338.

Members have voted to ask the firm to sort out the problem.

Cllr Nick King, who proposed the move, said visitors to Salisbury are greeted by the Cathedral, and in Portsmouth they see the view across the Solent.

“Even in Southampton you pass the docks,” said Cllr King. “But we have the Wessex Way Whiff.

“The first thing you are hit with is the smell of pooh.”

The smell also drifts over to affect residents in Strouden Park, Holdenhurst and Littledown, he said.

The plant is on Christchurch council land but is inspected by Bournemouth’s environmental health department.

The Bournemouth Chamber of Trade recently asked Cllr Ron Whittaker to take up the issue with Wessex Water because of the impression given to visitors.

Cllr Jane Montrose seconded the move and said complaints had risen over the years.

Cllr Barry Goldbart said design- ers had told him it was “perfectly possible to reduce this terrible smell almost down to nothing”.

Cllr Mark Anderson said investment in the Kinson plant had “sorted out” the smell there and urged the same at the Holdenhurst plant.

Wessex Water said it investigated complaints at the start of July and found the site was operating correctly.

A spokesman said: “Furthermore, an environmental health visitor, who visited to ensure odours were being kept to a minimum, was happy with how the site was performing.”

The firm said councillors welcomed an invitation to the plant.