ROAD safety chiefs have confirmed a massive cut in the number of Dorset’s speed cameras after councils slashed their funding.

The number of fixed cameras at “core” sites will drop from 37 to 15, while the number of mobile sites being regularly operated will drop from 33 to 28.

And Poole’s controversial Holes Bay “speed on green” camera will be adjusted to only flash drivers at a much higher speed than present.

But Dorset Strategic Road Safety Partnership has said it will step up its No Excuse campaign, which targets a range of driving offences.

A statement from Dorset Police’s assistant chief constable Mike Glanville, who chairs the partnership, said: “We are pleased to be able to formally confirm that all Dorset Road Safe partners remain positive about the real benefits of partnership working and continue in their commitment to working together to further reduce road casualties in Dorset.”

The partnership said the plan would give the public the best possible value for money while “continuing to reduce casualties across the whole of Dorset”.

It has not yet revealed which cameras are to be axed.

But Holes Bay’s camera – which enforces a 30mph limit through a traffic light junction – will not be removed. The camera sparked controversy when it was revealed that it was on course to generate £1million a year in fines.

The partnership said the camera would still be used to catch people jumping the red light.

Removing its speed measuring capabilities would cost money, so the camera would be “adjusted to a much higher speed threshold”.

The partnership said that all sites would continue to be monitored and a camera would be reinstalled where a risk to public safety was apparent.