AS TENNIS fever grips the nation Andy Murray’s latest fan will be keeping one eye on Wimbledon from his new home as he works on his powerful forehand.

Cyclops, a 40cm, one-eyed common lobster, who was found washed-up and injured on Bournemouth Beach, has been given tennis balls as part of his rehabilitation programme to strengthen his crushing claw at the Oceanarium in Bournemouth.

Inspired by the championships, staff from the aquatic team gave the injured crustacean a tennis ball as part of his physiotherapy to help restore full movement to the claw, which has the ability to sustain long, strong contractions when hunting.

Oliver Buttling, group curator of the Oceanarium, said: “Cyclops has improved dramatically since his arrival at the Oceanarium.

“The tennis balls are perfect for using in the rehabilitation programme as they give Cyclops something to really get his claw into, but are strong enough to not be destroyed in the process.

“It is very unusual for common lobsters to be discovered on the beach as they are usually found in deeper waters, but with our care and the use of the tennis balls, he is on the road to recovery and will have a safe new home here.”

Cyclops was discovered in May by a lifeguard on his morning training regime, who resisted the temptation to turn the injured shellfish into a bisque and instead took him to the Oceanarium for treatment.

Common lobsters can weigh up to five kilograms.

They have a small claw for cutting prey and a larger one for crushing.

The creatures live in crevices and holes in the seabed.

Visitors will be able to see Cyclops in the Oceanarium’s Abyss display once he has made a full recovery.

And for those planning to join Cyclops in watching the finals, the games will be shown in the Offshore Café.