THE William-and-Kate-o-meter hasn’t been invented yet. But that may all have to change as Britain’s biggest brand touched down in Canada yesterday for its North America Tour. So what will be hot and what not from this first royal outing for Team Cambridge?


• Hotel Rooms – As far back as last week it was being claimed that hotel rooms for Canada Day in Ottawa were booked solid – to coincide with the royal visit.

• Anne of Green Gables – Slightly dull by today’s Harry Potterish standards, this book is set on Prince Edward Island and could boom again, after it was revealed as one of Kate’s childhood favourites – she apparently asked to see the locale in which it was set.

• Tickets to the Bafta Bash – At $25,000 dollars a table, tickets for this Hollywood event, hosted by William and Kate, are the hottest in town.

Ostensibly the event aims to showcase British acting and movie talent.

It will really launch Kate as the biggest covergirl in the world, and make Brangelina look tired and dated.

• Comparisons to Diana – Had she lived, William’s mum would have been 50 today. But following a visit to the Saint-Justine Hospital in Montreal for young cancer patients tomorrow, watch the mantle of Diana-ness settle upon Kate’s slim shoulders as she lights up the room.

• Austerity, royal-style – Unlike his spendthrift dad, William is not into wasting the public’s cash on flunkies and toothpaste-squeezers. He and Kate are taking a tiny retinue of just seven staff, including a dresser, for Kate’s hair, not her clothes. A smart move, because if Kate looks even slightly off, she’ll be forgiven for trying to save money.

• Search-and-rescue choppers – A cause dear to William’s heart. So be prepared for much praising of this vital service, when he and Kate watch a demonstration by their Canadian counterparts at Summerside. He’ll be hoping the government here – which is trying to meddle with the British service – will take note.

• The Calgary Stampede – Never heard of it? Don’t worry, you will, after the royal couple attends this event on July 8.

(Also likely – a spike in cowboy hat sales)

• Anything Kate wears – Owners of UK fashion houses will have everything crossed that HRH will be sporting their frock/handbag/shoes when she steps out each day.

Earlier this week the Alice Temperley design label wondered what was happening when their Moriah dress sold out in minutes. It turned out Kate had just worn it to Wimbledon.


• Stuffy protocol – Bowing, scraping and walking backwards are out. Calling them Catherine and William is in, apparently. As the Queen’s Canadian Secretary, Kevin MacLeod, diplomatically put it: “With the passage of time, some rules of protocol become a little more flexible.”

Expect attempted hugs from the over-excited crowds.

• Royal Naysayers – The Edmonton Journal may moan about the missing of opportunities to cash in and contributors to many internet forums may complain about the cost of it all.

But they are being drowned out by those who see the trip as a chance to promote the mysterious and little-known country that lies north of the USA. (And maybe to get away from that toxic seal-clubbing image)

• Charles and Camilla – When they toured Canada in 2009, boos rang out at some venues and others were half full. Some claim it was a hint.