IT will probably fascinate just a few people, bore the majority and become popular only when there is a scandal or big controversy.

That is one view on a new proposal – screening Bournemouth’s Council meetings on the internet.

The proposal came at Tuesday night’s full council meeting and it is currently being studied by officers.

Cllr Michael Weinhonig put forward the idea and said: “This would be a huge benefit to the vulnerable who can’t always get to meetings and would not like to just read the dry minutes.”

The idea has been taken up in other areas already and Cllr Weinhonig said it would take Bournemouth “forward into the 21st century.”

Cllr Anne Filer, cabinet member for service development, said residents would be asked their views during the next ‘e-panel’ survey in September.

She backed the idea but added: “Whilst I welcome any proposal that would encourage more members of the public to take an active part in council meetings, the council has to make sure it has sound evidence before announcing any decision.”

New Central ward Conservative councillor Mike Greene told the Echo afterwards his former authority, Hackney, had trialled live broadcasts.

“It allowed more people to participate but there was very little take up.

“It was more popular towards the end.

“It was sponsored so it didn’t cost the council anything.”

Cllr Nick King is the former cabinet member for communications and a regular tweeter, occasionally commentating during live debates.

He said: “A lot of other councils are doing it. It’s the kind of thing that when you get an issue like the closure of Townsend School, then it would attract people.

“I can’t imagine many people would watch a normal meeting like tonight’s.

“But anything that promotes democracy and makes it more accessible has good to be a good thing.”