NO Excuse is making no difference.

That's the claim of one anti-speed camera campaigner in the wake of the latest statistics from Dorset's road safety drive, reported in the Daily Echo last week, which showed more than 1,000 drivers were caught for various offences during April.

But Ian Belchamber, from the Dorset Speed group, said figures from the campaign published online showed the initiative was not having an effect on casualty reduction.

The partnership, which also includes Dorset Police, said that the claims were "unsubstantiated".

Mr Belchamber said: "Not on any chart is there any indication whatsoever of any change in direction at or after the point of introduction of 'No Excuse'.

"There are of course quite large variations in the numbers with such low event frequencies and such spurious triggers, but nothing that looks like a definite improvement."

He said a "large number" of the offences were "trivial" and "harmless" and were aimed at raising money from fines, rather than being the type of offence that were likely to directly cause an accident.

Mr Belchamber added: "Now we know that the 'zero tolerance' approach is actually criminalising large numbers of drivers who may have been technically breaking a law, but in a way that traditionally might have resulted in a warning, as with an element of common sense and discretion, the actual danger being caused did not justify a penalty.

"The results speak for themselves, it is not those who are causing the accidents who are being caught by 'No Excuse'."

A spokesman for Dorset Road Safe said: "Mr Belchamber has drawn conclusions which are unsubstantiated. Dorset Road Safe declines to comment further."