THE damaged and deflated bag from Boscombe surf reef is awaiting inspection although there is still no date for contractors ASR to begin their work.

The 70 metre long section was taken to Jenkins Marine’s base in Poole Harbour, after being removed as soon as possible as a potential safety hazard.

Bournemouth Council said the material was awaiting inspection by its insurers. ASR has said the damage was caused by a boat strike.

Councillors said the firm was due to repair the reef and lay new bags to improve the wave by mid-May, but the company has not yet revealed a date.

An ASR spokesman told the Echo: “We are in discussion regarding dates/timelines for remedial work this spring/summer.”

The bag was removed after an inspection in March that closed the reef on safety grounds. A second bag that was still mostly intact has been repaired.

When asked about who was paying for the work, Tony Williams, a council executive director, said in a statement: “We await the insurer’s assessment and until that is available we are unable to confirm details.

“ASR and ourselves continue to work together to confirm the arrangements for the refinement plan already agreed, as well as any further works that may be necessary to repair damage caused to the reef.”

The council has also given more details of the maintenance work that has been needed since the reef opened in November 2009.

The work came after an independent inspection of the reef in September 2010 found several problems, including three bags that had already partially deflated.

Mr Williams said: “We removed webbing where necessary, rescued loose bag material, and removed debris.

“Following this, the refinement plan agreed with ASR in December 2010 included topping up of the bags where required.”

He also said: “We have always acknowledged that the reef will need maintenance, and the council provides for monitoring and maintenance of the reef from our seafront maintenance budget.

“We regularly monitor the reef structure as part of our ongoing maintenance programme, and that includes a review of safety issues.”