Camp Bestival has swiftly become a summer institution in Dorset, a funky added extra that spices up the holidays and gets even the most tent-phobic families out and partying.

Set in the grounds of Lulworth Castle, it is three days of child-friendly campsite mayhem, entertainment and great music and one of its recurring highlights is The Cuban Brothers, a trio of crazy festival comperes who to all intents and purposes sprang from the loins of 1970s Havana.

The Brothers have been a part of Rob da Bank’s posse since he first started hosting his Sunday Best parties in London in the mid-1990s and are now established entertainers with a world-wide following.

Led by Mike Keat, who goes by the stage name of Miguel Mantovani, the lads turn Camp Bestival into their own playground and in doing so, and by having a great time, they ensure that everyone else does too.

“I think Camp Bestival is the greatest festival of them all,” said Mike.

“Bestival on the Isle of Wight is great as an adults’ playground, but I love Camp Bestival because I have children aged six months and three years and you see all generations of families partying together and that’s a special thing, it’s what a real festival should be like.”

Cuban Brothers shows are a celebration of cheese with a capital ‘ch’ and throughout the three-day event they can be seen sprinting between stages and acts and working hard to keep everybody happy and entertained.

Mike explained: “I was a DJ for a long time and grew up in New Zealand before returning to the UK at the age of 18. But I soon became disillusioned with the place and went to live in Spain.

“The character of Miguel came from an old guy who worked in a hotel in Palma, Majorca, where I lived for a time. He was in his 50s and had a big moustache and was called Pedro or Miguel or something and one of his jobs was to look after the kids who were staying at the hotel with their parents.

“He would be teaching them petanque or swimming and then in the evening he would run the disco as well – you would see him sprinting from one to the other. He really was something else and so awful he was fantastic.

“So the character of Miguel is based on him and Latin entertainers in general from a bygone era.”

He added: “At the time I started, dance music was on the rise but I wanted to create something that was more tangible from the era when I first started going out, the 1980s and ’90s. I wanted people to stop taking it all so seriously and start having fun again.

“I have always been an MC and was break-dancing since the age of seven and it was a way for me to get out and use my talent.

“Our attitude is that we are really, really lucky to be able to do something that we all love doing. It’s what we take from the audience that we put back into the show.”

The line-up of the Cuban Brothers also includes Archie Easton – Archerio on stage – a former dancer with The Prodigy who hooked up with Miguel after a night of hip-hop in Edinburgh and Kengo Oshimo (Kengo San), who also joined up after a night in Edinburgh.

“The rest, as they say, is history,” said Mike.

“A year after our first show we were on tour round Asia and Australia and America. It was meteoric so we must be doing something that people like.”

Although life for the Brothers seems to be one long round of partying and festivals – so far this year they have already been to the Snowbombing festival in Austria and starred in a Red Cross tsunami fundraiser while next month they have dates in Bangkok and Singapore – Mike is starting to look for somewhere quieter to put down roots with his family.

He has fallen in love with Dorset and is the latest celebrity trying to find a suitable property in the county.

“I really like the area around the Jurassic Coast because it is so stunning. I’m having a look round, seeing what I can find. I had a look last year but didn’t find anything – what I really need is someone who knows the area well and can point me in the right direction.”

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