BACK in 1871 it took Henry Morton Stanley eight long months to track down Dr Livingstone who was missing in Africa.

If only Poole Town FC could have found a permanent home that quickly.

Since 3,000 supporters watched the team, then described as “Southern League giants” draw 2-2 with West Ham in 1991 that club seem to have been booted around from here to kingdom come.

First they were unceremoniously ousted from their Poole Stadium home in 1993 when it was re-developed. They hoped to find a new base at Canford Heath. That didn’t happen.

Next year their goal of a move to Turlin Moor missed the mark in 1994 when residents objected.

They found themselves wandering like nomads in the ’90s with a spell playing at Hamworthy; then there was talk of merging with the Poppies, a stretch playing at Holt and goodness only knows where else. And that was all back in the 1990s.

Fast forward a few years and we find Poole Town playing at Tatnam and doing so well they are looking for somewhere to build a stadium. Still.

In 2009 they wanted to move to Branksome Rec but that proved a loser. So they turned their attention to Canford Arena.

All seemed to be going well. The team are top of their league, the FA have granted them breathing space at Tatnam and 400 people wrote to Poole Council to back the move.

And now the council is recommending refusal on the grounds that land is designated for employment use. Wasn’t that issue discussed when it was first mooted?

And a result is still awaited. Yet again.

Give them a break. If this saga isn’t sorted soon it will remind me of Stanley all over again. No, not Stanley of Livingstone fame.

But Laurel… star of Another Fine Mess.