RADIO’S favourite Rabbi and raconteur, Lionel Blue, brings his unique blend of jokes, stories and anecdotes to the Lighthouse in Poole on April 10.

Rabbi Lionel Blue is known to millions through his broadcasts on Radio 4’s Today programme.

Others know him from his many TV appearances and his books, Kitchen Blues, Simply Divine and the ever popular Bolts From The Blue. His stories will include: How he came to fall in a grave whilst conducting a funeral; Behind the scenes at Thought For The Day; What to do when your dog has an existential crisis; How to cure insomnia with a straight-from-the-tin baked bean feast; And what his mother thought of the contents of his will.

The Rabbi’s brand of humour has endeared him to millions.

During the show, he will be happy to answer any questions, from economics to sex.

Rabbi Lionel Blue was brought up by his grandparents in the East End, where they spoke Yiddish.

Lionel describes his early days as a nightmare partly because of illness and partly the violence of the pre-war street riots.

He talks about the Fascist mobs who marched into the Jewish quarter, stirring up trouble.

Later, at Oxford University, he admits to flirting with Christianity and ‘a rather nice young woman’.

He reverted to Judaism and became a Rabbi, well known for his liberal views, his gentle guidance to all and his honest, self-effacing humour.