“I’M planning on running naked throughout the whole of Bournemouth just so I can fit in seeing everything that’s there. I’m also really looking forward to going to a typical Bournemouth pub and somewhere with great food,” exclaims Dougie Poynter from McFly.

Returning to Bournemouth on Wednesday for their headline tour, the chart-topping boy band seem giddily excited, if not a bit crazy about seeing the town. Since 2002, the boys have sold an estimated eight million records worldwide and are proud owners of a Brit Award.

It’s safe to say Mcfly have pleased most fans around the globe, with Dougie’s favourite place being “Erm, somewhere I can’t remember in Sydney, but yeah that was my favourite place, oh and the Rock in Rio gig we did in Lisbon last year.”

Wednesday’s Bournemouth show will be part of their first tour after a two-year break from the road.

Fans might get more than they expected, as Dougie revealed that “on tour supporters can expect to see nudity and fire as well as us being able to play better than we ever have before.”

McFly have also recently launched Supercity their interactive website with bells and whistles on.

“Fans love Supercity, it’s a chance for them to feel much closer to us and we make sure we go out and meet fans before each gig. Our fans have also been able to help us decide on the set lists.”

While Poynter, 23, seemed upbeat, there has been a backlash regarding their new electro, Gaga-esque sound.

“Some fans are not into it and played live, our new stuff sounds a lot heavier but I think it still fits in with all of our old tracks and when they hear it live they will see. My favourite track from the new album Above The Noise is ‘Nowhere Left To Run and I’m really looking forward to playing it live on tour.”

At the end of 2010, McFly teamed up with UK producer and artist Taio Cruz for Shine A Light, which seemed at the time an unexpected musical collaboration.

“Taio was a sweet guy, really quiet and shy but great to work with” and Dougie agreed that it was an unusual combination but one that seemed to work.

“In the future, I’d love to collaborate with a female artist. I think that would be good as we haven’t ever done it before.”

Though McFly are experienced performers, they still remain looking like typical boys next door – albeit with a bit more stubble than when they first hit the charts.

“We don’t have a stylist as such as we like to wear our own clothes on tour, so we have help with the shopping and then we just wear what we like.”

But it’s not all a bed of roses being in a successful boy band. After speaking to Dougie, the musician checked into rehab due to his split with girl-band member Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays. Last week, the band announced to fans that Dougie would be back and fighting fit for the tour.

• McFly play the BIC Windsor Hall on Wednesday evening.