GIVE me 20 minutes of your time and let me show you around.

That’s the message to those who don’t want strip clubs in Bournemouth from the UK vice president of Spearmint Rhino, who saw revenues for the chain jump 33 per cent last year.

Speaking to the Daily Echo, John Specht said he could change the opinions of those against them.

Sex entertainment venues remain controversial in the seaside town – with new rules passed last year upping the cost of a licence from £150 to £7,000 and restricting clubs to the town centre.

He said: “Some people are just anti-strip clubs, but have they ever been in one or know what goes on in one?

“The industry has a bad reputation because there are operators out there who probably do unsavoury things. We adhere to a lot of policies and procedures internally that we’ve created, as well as working with the council.

“We’ve got a great relationship with everybody in Bournemouth.

“If people who are anti-strip club gave me 20 minutes of their time and let me show them around, they could change their opinions.”

The UK vice president has been in the job for 18 months and has found it a different ball game to the USA.

John added: “Bournemouth is a destination town in the summer and it’s unbelievably busy. I didn’t understand it when I got here, because we don’t have that in-season out-of-season thing in America.

“Bournemouth, for example, is quite slow in the winter months and when the summer came I thought ‘oh my gosh’.

“I think we’re in a great spot (in Yelverton Road) because we’re not right out there in the open like one or two of the other clubs. We’re a little bit more discreet. Our neighbours all enjoy us, we seem to get along with everybody.”

The customers are different too, he said.

“It’s really different (in the UK). The UK guys are a little bit more reserved, whereas in America people are a bit more crazy and wild with the tipping.

“We’re trying to encourage the American-style tipping. We had ‘tipping dollars’ made so customers could buy those and get the feel for this American tipping – but it didn’t take off,” said John.

Troubled times for some

While Spearmint Rhino talks of an increase in revenue – Glenn Nicie, director and owner of competitor For Your Eyes Only, said he could not paint as rosy a picture.

“People go for the cheaper option and we’re not the cheaper option. We’ve seen a downturn in business.

“Things won’t get any better with the licence going up to £7,000. We will keep trading and trying to do our best, but we could do without any more increases,” said Glenn.