POOLE’S notorious speed camera at Holes Bay will be switched off at the end of this month.

The controversial device, which snares drivers passing through green lights at more than 30mph, is being axed due to the spending cuts.

It will be deactivated from April 1, when Dorset Road Safe’s strategy for 2011-12 kicks in.

Many other speed camera sites across Dorset will also become redundant after road safety grants for the county’s local authorities were slashed.

Ron Parker, Poole council’s cabinet member for transport, said: “A lot of funding has been lost, so maintenance of speed cameras will be minimal.”

The Holes Bay camera, situated at the junction with Sterte Road, was converted to a speed on green device in 2009.

It was dubbed a ‘cash cow’ when it emerged the camera was on course to generate £1m from fines in its first year.

The camera itself will remain in place but revert back to a red light device, used solely for catching drivers jumping the traffic lights.

Despite the wholesale removal of speed cameras in some areas, Dorset Road Safe has emphasised that a presence will remain in the county for at least the next financial year.

A spokesman for the organisation would not confirm how many active camera sites would remain and said their operational plan for the forthcoming year was still being finalised.

Savage cuts to the budgets at Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset councils have led to a knock-on funding crisis for Dorset Road Safe.

Indications are that the county will operate just 10 to 15 fixed cameras at 20 top accident sites instead of 38, and six red-light cameras instead of 13.