DEVELOPERS are confident of meeting the “challenging conditions” imposed for the controversial £14million Alaska Wind Farm.

Purbeck District Council’s planning board agreed in principle to the four-turbine farm at Master’s Quarry, East Stoke last year.

But this decision was subject to conditions, which have now been finalised in a 22-page document.

They include strict noise limits and a string of steps needed to limit environmental damage at the Puddletown Road site.

Green energy company Infinergy is confident the working turbines will not exceed the maximum noise level stipulated, which is 51dB at a wind speed of 27mph.

At lower wind speeds, lower noise levels are proposed. Infinergy says 51dB is equivalent to a person whispering at a distance of one metre.

Project director Herbert Lindlahr said: “Purbeck District Council has put together a challenging set of conditions and we will have to work hard to meet all the criteria. However, we are encouraged by the fact that the proposed conditions are balanced and enforceable.”

The wind farm has attracted controversy since its conception. Last year, the district planning board was forced to convene at the Purbeck School to accommodate the numbers of interested residents.

Forty speakers, individuals and representatives of a range or organisations, made impassioned pleas, both for and against, to the board before members debated their decision.

The turbines will not be allowed to exceed 125 metres when the blade is in an upright position.

A Purbeck District Council spokesman said: “We wrote to all the households originally consulted about the proposed development to find their views.

“We also wrote to local interest groups who have what we believe to be a relevant interest in their constitution, for their views.

“We have considered the responses we received alongside specialist advice and concluded that it is possible to put in place planning conditions to deal with a range of the issues raised.”