HE'S Mischief by name and after his antics this morning, Mischief by nature.

Owners of a farm close to the Sandy Balls holiday centre in Godshill village got a bit of a shock on Sunday morning when they saw Mischief, a four-year-old gelding taking an unexpected dip in their pool.

The horse had become trapped after wandering onto the plastic covering of the neighbours' swimming pool.

Fire fighters from Fordingbridge were alerted around 9.54am while Cranborne vet Luke Gamble from Pilgrims Veterinary Practice - and star of Sky's Vet Adventures - was able to heavily sedate the 14-hand horse while Mischief's owner kept the animal calm.

Fire crews along with a new dedicated animal rescue unit, crewed by trained fire fighters from Lyndhurst and Brockenhurst, used specialist techniques to pull Mischief free.

The horse was later released onto pasture land and was said to be "none the worse" for his adventure.

Watch manager Jim Green, who heads up the animal rescue team said: "We are pleased to say that Mischief is now safe and well, and back in the hands of his owners.

"Any animal small or large that is trapped or in distress can be potentially dangerous.

"It is important to try and keep the animal calm, keep humans away, and request the immediate assistance of the fire and rescue service's specialists to rescue the animal rather than attempting to do so themselves."