THE directors of Fibrecity met Bournemouth council chiefs yesterday – but did not know when work would restart and were told to ‘get their act together’.

The news came as it emerged that the firm, which is laying superfast broadband cables, has gone through a management buyout.

Fibrecity suddenly stopped work last October, leaving streets half dug up in Boscombe, Winton, and Moordown, and the council demanded the crisis meeting following complaints from residents. 107 roads are affected to some degree.

Council leader Peter Charon told the Daily Echo: “My message to Fibrecity is: ‘I understand there’s a buyout but get your act together. You can’t leave us in limbo’.”

A council email, leaked to the Daily Echo, had claimed that Fibrecity’s contractors were still owed money.

Cllr Michael Filer, cabinet member for transport, said yesterday’s meeting with the board of directors was ‘largely positive’.

He said: “Fibrecity has assured us the buyout has strengthened its financial position, allowing them to continue their work. “It was disappointing they were unable to provide a start date, or provide a date for when remedial works can be undertaken. We have insisted a date is provided as soon as possible.”

He added: “Fibrecity is anxious that Bournemouth will be used as an example to showcase to other towns and cities nationally and internationally.”

The company originally planned to lay its fibre optic cables through the sewers but Wessex Water refused permission. A section of the leaked email claims: “Fibrecity’s team are not mentioning any problems the firm is going through and the fact that the build has stopped in both Bournemouth and Dundee.

“They are also still emphasising the use of the sewers and the minimal disruption issues and must be very naive if they think other authorities will not be contacting us to check on our experiences.”

Fibrecity did not comment on the situation.