SURF reef designers from ASR are coming back to fix the Boscombe surf reef in spring next year – and will get £150,000 if it works.

They will get £55,000 for completing the work but the remainder will not be paid until experts say the reef’s problems have been fixed.

Council leader Peter Charon said it had taken hours of ‘incredibly difficult’ negotiations, with ASR wanting £155,000 regardless, to thrash out the decision.

Councillor Charon said: “This is a pragmatic solution. It’s perhaps not where we would want to be but the alternative was simply to wash our hands and walk away.

“But this would be unpalatable in a £3million project and would not serve the people of Bournemouth well.

“So we’re going to see it through.”

Four bags will be placed on the base of the south-eastern corner of the reef and another three pillow bags between existing parts of the reef.

Hopefully it will create a gentler slope and increase the right-hand ride length to 65metres.

Plymouth University’s Doctor Mark Davidson will check the work has been done properly and the first sum will be paid.

He will then wait for favourable weather conditions to see whether problems with the right hand break wave have been ironed out.

Unlike ASR’s first visit, the council will not pay for accommodation.

It will foot the bill for visas and work permits for the New Zealand company, however. It’s not yet known how big the team will be.

This story has been ammended to remove the phrase "ASR will be paid up front for completing the work." No payment will be made until the work is finished.