Unique and rare music memorabilia including an unheard recording and unpublished photos of Paul McCartney has emerged in a house in Bournemouth.

The informal pictures show Sir Paul enjoying Christmas with his late wife Linda and son James as well as the family taking the ferry across the Mersey.

The collection also includes a cassette recording of Sir Paul playing on the piano as he works on a track for Ringo Starr's 1981 album Stop and Smell the Roses.

The memorabilia has come from saxophonist Howie Casey, who worked with The Beatles and then Sir Paul and Linda McCartney's band Wings.

Mr Casey, 70, has now decided to sell decades' worth of mementoes after unearthingthem again during a recent house move.

He played on numerous Wings albums and toured the world with the band. He also played with Marc Bolan, The Who, Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly.

He jammed with The Beatles in Liverpool in the early days and met his singing wife Sheila, who was part of the McKinleys group, in 1975.

The unheard recording by Sir Paul for Ringo was called Attention and it has him playing the song on the piano and improvising the arrangement.

He played piano and bass on the final version with Mr Casey playing the saxophone and his wife Sheila joining Linda McCartney on backing vocals.

John Lennon had written songs for the same album but Ringo didn't feel comfortable using them after he was shot dead in 1980.Signatures of the Fab Four, gold discs, photos and hundreds of other items from the great days of rock 'n' roll are due to go under the hammer.

Mr Casey said: "We're getting on a bit and we had drawers and cupboards full of stuff that we never look at.

"We were going through it when we moved house recently and my wife Sheila found a piece of paper and we were about to throw it until we realised it had the Beatles signatures on it.

"I played saxophone and Sheila was a singer who was on the Beatles first headline tour with the McKinleys.

"I played in Liverpool with lots of bands and was already established when the Beatles came along.

"My band was the first from Liverpool to play in Germany and then the Beatles joined us and we played together.

"Afterwards I recorded several albums with Wings and did two world tours with them. Sheila and I were with Paul McCartney when he got busted in Japan.

"I've played with lots of the great names and have accumulated a lot of things that I just never look at."

The sale is expected to raise 20,000 pounds at Charterhouse Auctions in Sherborne, Dorset, on December 17.