A TASK group looking for a solution to the problems of Boscombe’s artificial reef will today hear from local surfers.

Bournemouth Borough Council’s “task and finish” group on the issue will meet in private as members consider whether the reef can be made to produce better waves.

Dean Griffiths, 36, shop manager at Sorted Surf Shop at Boscombe seafront, called for the meeting to be opened to the public.

“I also think it’s about time that people know we’ve got something there that does work,” he said.

“The surf reef is a godsend for this area. The reef does work – it just needs tweaking and we could have something spectacular.”

But another surfer, Chris Skone-Roberts, said the reef idea was flawed. “It’s a complete white elephant,” he said. “It will never, ever work.”

Boscombe West councillor Phil Stanley-Watts said the meeting should be held public. “The public have got every right to know what’s going on,” he said.