A BRAVE pensioner wrestled her beloved pet dog from the jaws of a Staffordshire bull terrier after it attacked it during an afternoon stroll.

Peggy Hume and her sister were walking her two dogs, Pepper, a five-year-old collie cross, and Lola, a bulldog/shitsu cross, when the attack happened on Poole’s Canford Heath.

Pepper was so badly mauled vets said he was lucky to keep the use of his leg.

Peggy needed treatment for cuts and bruises after struggling to unclamp the Staffordshire bull terrier’s powerful jaws during Sunday’s drama.

Peggy said: “It was absolutely horrendous. I really thought he would lose the leg. The vet said it was really lucky that his Achilles tendon wasn’t torn out.”

Pepper – a rescue dog – needed several stitches, but vets say he’ll make a full recovery.

Peggy said: “I had Pepper on the lead when we passed a group – a woman, a younger woman, and a baby in a pram. They had a German Shepherd and the Staffy, which was not on a lead.

“After we went past, the Staffy came around the back and attacked. We just couldn’t get it off. My sister was kicking it, I ended up on the ground in a hell of a mess. We finally got it off and the owners managed to get a lead on.

“The woman said Pepper had probably growled at their dog, and it had never attacked any other dogs before.

“I think it may have been called Bobby, as they were calling out that name – but they never apologised to me.”

Peggy said: “I contacted the council’s dog warden but was told there wasn’t much they could do as I didn’t know the identity of the dog. I just want to make other people aware in case there are more attacks.”