A DISABLED woman and her partner have received an apology after being told to get off a bus by the driver who refused to accept a £20 note.

Tina Mills, 21, who suffers from sciatica and learning difficulties, and Chris Addoo, 33, boarded the 431 Transdev Yellow Bus service at Winton to head for their home in Ensbury Park, Bournemouth.

But the bus driver told them to get off and find the right change for their combined £3.20 in fares.

He drove off, leaving the shocked couple on the pavement.

Bartender Chris, said: “I just wanted two single fares but the driver refused and told us to find the right change for another bus.”

Tina finds it hard to walk and although Chris mentioned this to the driver, it was not taken into consideration.

Chris said: “We changed the note in a shop and waited for the next bus.

“If Tina had been by herself, she could have been stuck.”

He added: “I have since been told all drivers have enough coins provided for their journey. If they are all used up, they have machines which print tickets with the passenger’s name and address on, to be taken as the fare for another bus.

“There was no reason for us to be thrown off unless we were being abusive, which neither of us was.”

Damian Robson, road traffic manager for Yellow Buses, said: “I have interviewed the driver concerned and he confirms this incident occurred.”

He added: “We encourage passengers to have the correct change or purchase long-term travel, as it speeds up boarding and helps ensure our services keep to time.

“However, the drivers actions in this case were not acceptable and we unreservedly apologise to Chris Addoo and Tina Mills for this incident.”

This incident comes just over two months after Bournemouth web designer Adam Goswell boarded a Wilts & Dorset bus and had his £20 note rejected when he tried to pay for a £12 weekly ticket.